zygo x cymbidium image

Over a month ago a client of mine called in carrying a very well grown Zygopetalum plant with a large pod on the top. I asked if it was a good Zygo. cross and he said no I have put something unusual onto it, which he explained. My thoughts were that there would be no seed in the pod or that it would not germinate. How wrong was I as it has now germinated and am wanting to know if there would be any interest in flasks if I go ahead and do replates. The cross is Zygo. Blue Lake x Cym. Erythrostylum.

Here are a few more Sarcochilus out today with hirticalcar in giving that extra flowering time. The fourth photo is a new cross we have recently done and flowered by one of our clients who is a very good grower. The cross is S106 Sarcochilus ( Ruby x Aerides crispin ) x G137 Velvet.