Here are the parents in the making of Peri. Mem. Iris Pendle. You will notice the difference in the labellum of Olive Grace to Iris Pendle and the wider segments of the Iris Pendle. The flask number of Olive Grace is K50 and the flask number of Iris Pendle is Q70.

We deflasked this G72 Sarcochilus falcatus ‘Nothern Star’ x ‘Large White’ in 2003. By 2014 had a beautiful plant of 7 growths. I pollinated it in October and it soon had a good pod forming. Two weeks later the plants got the sudden death syndrome and went black and all the leaves dropped off. The roots still looked good so I made up a mix of root hormone powder and Anhydrous Lanolin and painted it all over the roots. About 3 months later I noticed new growth forming and this is the plant today. Hope this little tip will help.