This is part one of our orchid mounts. You will find that they are mostly Gutter Guard mounts. We have tried a lot of other mounts e.g. cork, tree fern etc. but because of our growing system we don’t get time to foliar feed so the plants were suffering or dying from neglect. Our plants are only given a sprinkle of blood and bone (watered in) 2 to 3 times a year and that is why we experimented in using the gutter guard mounts. You will see by the photos how the plants are growing. There is one group that we keep on cork and that is the linguiforme which will follow in part 2. The first 4 pictures shown are Den. striolatum. The seedlings were put into the top of the mount and they have come out progressively all the way down and make a nice display.

These Sarcochilus Velvets herald the start of their flowering season which is from now until next May, and sometimes a bit beyond. The group consists of Velvets, Nicky, Riverdene and other crosses with hirticalcar. Also, Belmont Rose is Velvet x Cindy; Hargitay is Velvet x Riverdene and Janice is Perky x hirticalcar.

A brief overview of the site:

Growing Sarcs – provides information on the way we grow our Sarcochilus orchids.

Gallery – a place where you can see all of the plants that we have used in that year for breeding. Currently it includes photos from the 2015 breeding Sarcs. 

Catalogues – on this page you will find our current flask and seedling catalogues.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this, or any other page.